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Virtual Assistant for Online Marketing - Free Lance

We are looking for a Free Lance virtual assistant to support our Marketing initiatives in Brasil.

We are looking for somebody with Online Marketing experience that can help us building our brand and selling our service in Brasil.

The ideal person will have knowledge in how to sell a service using Social Media. We have very well developed channels in Brazil like: Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and 2 Blogs (one for content and one for deals(offers)). We need somebody who understands how to support the SEO from Social Media adding links to our website, using keywords, adding metatags to pictures, videos and so on.

We need a person who can do this work 20 hours a week and can be Online to chat with the manager using Skype or MSN during that time.

The person needs to be bilingual as he/she needs to approach the Brazilian Market in Portuguese and needs to communicate with the manager in English

PuntoMio Deals:

  • Look for a daily deal: Portuguese
  • Post deal with picture and motivate sales: Portuguese
  • Creates Measurable Outcomes, and measures the results: English

PuntoMio Blog:
  • Research info about Market (interesting info that generates leads, new launches, products that are cheaper to get in the US, special offers, black Friday…), Get info from us about news that we have generated (alliances, partnerships, etc), Write post and post it
  • Creates Measurable Outcomes, and measures the results: English

  • Posts according to: In country celebrations, motivating sales, motivating to register in PuntoMio, etc). Shares the blog deal in the wall: Portuguese

  • Answer to questions and requests (if a question about PuntoMio he/she contacts PuntoMio anf if the quesiton is about a product he/she looks for it and posts it)

Follow up contests and promotions: Portuguese
  • Reaches influencer Tweeters, YouTubers, etc and encourages to talk about our brand: Portuguese
  • Joins and creates groups to gain participation with the community: Portuguese/English
  • Looks for questions made in YouTube and posts our videos as an answer when possible: Portuguese
  • Finds videos about new launches and shares them in our channel: Portuguese
  • Creates Measurable Outcomes, and measures the results: English

  • Monitors our Online precense and answers questions posted in forums about PuntoMio and about the product, or subjects that can drive leads for example: how to shop online in the US, what gift to give for a special ocassion: Portuguese
  • Generates Backlinks reaching directories: Portuguese
  • Creates Measurable Outcomes, and measures the results. Creates a weekly report for performance reviews. Measures results blogs and other tools. Assists in analyzing the ranks that we have in search engines: English
  • Helps with Online Marketing innitiatives with comercial partners: Portuguese
  • Reaches influential bloggers, Twitters and Online users to get them to talk about our brand. Online PR.: Portuguese

It would be a great asset if he/she knows web design to change layouts in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs and Emails according to the season and campaigns

Interessados devem enviar CV para ypassanante@puntomio.com.

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