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Programme Coordinator - Brazil´s Global Engagement

Brasilia/DF - Oxfam seleciona Programme Coordinator.

TEAM PURPOSE: The Oxfam International Office plays a strategic role in campaigns and advocacy, both domestically and internationally. Brazil is a strategic country in a changing multi-polar world and also for Oxfam campaigns. Oxfam aims to be a role model for promoting gender equality and diversity. Dialogue is ongoing with a Brazilian organization Vitae Civilis, with a view to a future convergence in the creation of Oxfam Brazil.

JOB PURPOSE: The purpose of this post would be to design and lead implementation of the strategy on Brazil´s global engagement and the G20, enabling Oxfam and to influence Brazil´s external engagement and work with civil society partners to shape a development agenda in a multi-polar world in a state of flux and crisis. A key part of this will be to build synergy between the BRICSAM (Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China, South Africa and Mexico. These are the emerging economy members of the G20 in which Oxfam has a presence). countries and their Oxfam affiliates/programmes.


  • Coordinates and delivers agreed plans or strategies over which the job holder has some strategic input.
  • Represents Oxfam International in coordination meetings and some external relationships.
  • Impact and influence of the job is mostly within the job holder's own programme unit (ie country/region) but occasionally also in other parts of the confederation and/or with an external audience.
  • Usually plans and manages the resources of one or more sub-units though, not normally over a broad spectrum of programs or geographies.
  • Specific competencies and skills are required to achieve the job's objectives eg geographical, thematic, managerial.
  • Helps shape local level objectives within in a specific team. In larger programmes these jobs are often part of a management team.
  • Provides specialist advice or specific skills to their team or programme unit.
  • Their plans and objectives are developed to contribute to country, region and broader programme strategy and can involve collaboration with other programme units (e.g. other affiliates in-country or colleagues in different country programmes) or departments (e.g. head office).
  • Management tasks are complex and non-routine within their specialist unit or function.
  • Requires the ability to analyse and communicate complex information to a wide audience.
  • Decision-making requires significant levels of judgement based on technical and management experience, generally actively supported by line management or the programme team.
  • The focus of the role can vary but has well-defined targets and/or minimum standards, and is both proactive and reactive.

Key Responsibilities
  • Co-ordinate and lead Oxfam Brazil´s external engagement on long-term G20 policy and strategy, and on cross-regional/global BRICSAM work, building alliances and relationships with global and regional BRICSAM/G20 actors in league with Oxfam International's G20/BRICSAM strategy.
  • Lead implementation of the agreed long-term strategy for Oxfam in Brazil's work on the G20, including contributing to Oxfam's activities before, during and after summits, and ensuring monitoring and evaluation of Oxfam's G20 work.
  • Work closely with Oxfam staff to develop and maintain global relationships with civil society partners as well as supportive think tanks and non-traditional targets including the private sector, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and to serve as a connector to link these groups with relevant counterparts in other BRICSAM countries;
  • Build synergy with the campaigns and advocacy work in the BRICSAM countries, in particular the Grow campaign to maximize Oxfam in Brazil´s and partners impact in global and regional fora.
  • Work closely with the G20/BRICSAM Global Strategy Manager.
  • Resource mobilization: Support fundraising colleagues to mobilize resources from local donors, foundations (international and emerging local foundations) and other sources to support Oxfam's G20/BRICSAM work.
  • Skills and Competence
  • Masters degree, preferably in International Relations, Social Sciences, Economics or similar disciplines Good knowledge of international politics and political processes, and in particular the role of the BRICSAM countries and the G20;
  • Strong advocacy and campaigns experience, with particular reference to Brazil, and if possible the Latin America region and a few BRICSAM countries; Strong understanding of development debates related to inequality, sustainability and inclusive economic development.
  • Good people and process management skills;
  • Strong relationship building, networking and alliance-building skills with civil society, government and private sector.
  • Proven project design/management abilities.
  • Sensitivity to cultural differences and gender issues are essential.
  • Fluent English and Portuguese is essential.
  • Affinity with the aims and objectives of Oxfam in Brazil.
  • Good interpersonal, influencing and communication skills.
  • Good time, project management and organisation skills.
Behavioral competencies include:
  • Communications - Communications is about being aware of what information needs to be given to whom and being able to get a message across to others in an appropriate way. It involves taking responsibility to ensure that things are understood.
  • Influencing others - is about getting others to do certain things or to take a particular course of action. It involves using a variety of influencing strategies.
  • Drive to achieve results - Drive to achieve results is about getting the job finished and the energies that drive people to the end result. It also includes the desire to get the job done in the best way given the time and resources available.
  • Organisation to work effectively - organisation to work effectively is about organising the work to get the job done. On an ongoing basis it involved setting priorities, identifying what needs to be done, planning what must be done and setting work aside when the priorities change.

  • The Program Coordinator is required to travel in and outside Brazil to support partners and Oxfam affiliates, contribute to the design, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs and undertake Oxfam alignment activities as required. It is a condition of employment that staff abides by all agency security and safety protocols, policies and procedures.
  • This Job Profile is not incorporated in the employment contract. It is intended as a guide and should not be viewed as an inflexible specification as it may be varied from time to time in the light of strategic developments and following discussion with post holder. The post holder will be expected to work to agreed objectives in accordance with the performance review process.

  • SALARY: R$ 123.342 / ano = 9.253 / mês
  • Closing date for applications: 20/October/2011

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